“The launch of the Earth Day Organic Indoor Learning Garden is a wonderful example of how publicā€private partnerships are supporting our schools with innovative resources to teach our children. I encourage companies and individuals to support this innovative learning program.”

                                                                          - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Goals of the Earth Day Organic Indoor Learning Gardens:

  • Provide an interactive teaching resource that can be used in any climate throughout the year.
  • Teach the importance of organics and balanced nutrition.
  • Get students engaged and excited about healthy foods and gardening.

The gardens consist of a 30" x 15" x 11" container garden, all of the necessary elements to get a garden up and running (e.g., a grow light, seeds, soil, fertilizer), and a curriculum which we developed in cooperation with our partners.  The teaching materials distributed with each garden provide guidance for teachers of all grades to help incorporate the gardens into their curriculum, creating links to their reading, writing, science and math requirements and other lessons.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for educators to integrate lessons focused on sustainability, organic gardening, and nutrition into their regular curricula.

Setting up a school garden can often incur costs in the thousands of dollars. Even if a school could afford to set up such a garden, many schools, especially in cities, lack the outdoor space to do so. The Organic Indoor Learning Garden is a great opportunity to bring gardening and sustainability education directly into the classroom at a low cost. 

For more information on sponsoring a garden or buying a garden of your own, contact us at 212-922-0048 or